ITCO Global

InterContinental Trading and Consulting Group, more known as ITCO Global operates as an export and import intermediary for businesses across the globe.

ITCO Global also is serving to make contributions for representing our partners firms in international markets.

ITCO Global represents 52 corporations in more than 35 different countries in the world and has 12 Representative Offices in 10 different countries. Our dynamic and experienced team with high performance makes us very coordinated and fast working organization in international market area.

ITCO Global, Aiming the success in the international markets with cooperation and effective organizational profile that help to our partners save their time and money. Our contributions help to form the strong basis of creating an optimal investment.


InterContinental Trading & consulting Global offers the highest quality in service and assists the best trading solutions by providing quality management services with our highest trained, extensive knowledge team of professionals combined with deep experiences on main sectors and commodities.


We are dedicated to improving the commodities industry with our experience in the fields. Our staff consists of only the professionals. All our customers should know that InterContinental Trading & Consulting Global is our partner and all firms can trust and rely on.


Our partners & Customers around the world have come to trust InterContinental Trading & Consulting Office (ITCO Global) as a reliable partner with giving the best solutions in market.

We value simplicity in delivery & structure relationships with our clients to best suit their needs. Success of ITCO Global has been built on effective, mutually beneficial & long-standing relationships with its customers and partners.

We struggle to satisfy the all needs of our partners and customers, as our broad range of products & services.