Organizational Structure

InterContinental Trading Group is %100 owner of CASPIOIL Oil and Derivatives Products Company Inc. Top management office and mandate agreements are owned by Offices located in Russian Federation and Turkey Republic. Coordination for Venezuelan origin of D2 and Mazut M100-99 is performed by Head Officer in Russian Office of InterContinental Trading Group. Caspioil Organization Structure consists from President, 2 Vice Presidents and representative offices in Africa, Turkey and Vietnam.

Our group culture is one of teamwork, collaboration, being authentic and ethics. CASPIOIL is dedicated to fostering a culture in which we are committed to all of our business transactions in the highest ethical manner as well as all our other businesses. Our ethics and the way we conduct our business are enforced from the Presidents of our group companies personally, and we are encouraged by our management team to be open, compassionate, honest and transparent.

Management Team

Mr. Dilshod Savdoev
Head Officer in Turkey
Mr. Lütfi Türksever
Vice President
Mr. Rustam Magamat
Head Officer in Tehran and Gulf
Mr. Muhammet Sadeghi
Head Officer in Ukraine
Mr. Boris M. Dvorkin
Head Officer in Vietnam
Mr. Nguyen Trung Toan
Head Officer in Central Asia
Mr. Timur Assanbekov
Secratery for requests
Mss. Hatice Gür