Our Responsibility

"As CEO of InterContinental Trading Group Incorporated, I have taken on the role of executive sponsor of the TASU (Turkey African Students Union) and UNES(Union of Eurasian Students in Turkey) to underline the importance of responsibility in our company. TASU and UNES are two big non-profit organizations in Turkey Republic that consist from more than 4 thousands students and have several platforms and serving to combine students in high level of human ethics. These entire students are educating in Turkish Universities. I personally feel privileged to have the opportunity to have a part of leading this organization.

I believe and absolutely know the only way to create safety society we need to groom our students with perfect discipline and manners. Only well mannered strong leaders, honest managers, candid rulers and rightfully charged workers can protect and keep our society in safe. Great leaders are those who have the courage to challenge the obvious, to travel uncharted paths, to break away from convention and the old way of doing things, to be unpredictable to the competition and to go beyond the tried and tested—men and women who understand the concepts of service, of community and respect for others. That's the kind of behavior we all must expect of each other and of ourselves. It leads to an engaged culture.

We have an ability to support our student’s not only monetary supports but also we are supporting our students psychologically. Many of students from non-developed African and Central Asian countries that don’t have afford their trips to their homeland to see their family once a year. We combine TASU and UNES into one confederation named by InterAjans and giving translation, interpreter services to foreign businessmen in Turkey during their professional trips. These tips and some fees can afford our expenditures inner our organization and also afford our low-income students’ trips to their homelands.

Our InterAjans and initiatives are governed by the ITCO Global as well, composed of the senior leadership of the company. The ITCO Global provides leadership on actions and initiatives contributing to our inclusive education culture and multicultural nations.

All my life I have been mirroring internationally accepted human ethics and good manner to young people and trying to support our future leaders to keep these manners and spread globally. "
Mr. Rustam Magamat, Chairman and CEO, InterContinental Trading Group Inc. (ITCO Global)