The Company

CASPIOIL, Inc. Is International company that consists from 2 brands CASPIO and CASPIOIL, base on crude oil, oil derivatives and gas products.

CASPIO and CASPIOIL are one of the group companies owned by InterContinental Trading Group that has very spread worldwide business networking in commodity trading fields. The solid foundation of our group, which supports this global network of professionalism, location and capability, is people. There are experienced employees, from our back office operations to the front desk at our test centers, who are all working tirelessly to make sure that a client and product will be well introduced to target market.

Global corporate knowledge of CASPIOL combined with spread international network of InterContinental Trading Group makes CASPIOIL one of the reliable and efficient companies in this field. CASPIO is our brand serving to cooperate with big suppliers of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and Natural Gas. CASPIO formed as a trading company to develop dealing and trading operations of LPG, LNG and Natural Gas. We provide this solution with wellknown and globally reliable petroleum group that located is Spain and has very spread international Networks. CASPIOIL has good relationship with direct big government companies in Russian Federation with inner cooperation with the President of Domini Holding Mr. Sharaf Domini.